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Plugins slowing down your site?

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Are plugins slowing down your site?  Not sure?  Try running a performance profiler plugin, like this one from GoDaddy.

Download it from here: or search for “P3 Profiler” in your WP dashboard plugin search.

Where to ask WordPress questions?

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Often times you run to Google or Twitter when you need a WordPress question answered ay?  These are okay options, but sometimes you need something a little more specific.  Enter StackExchange for WordPress.  Most of the individuals here are pretty good coders with specific answers to specific questions…so be specific.  Make sure you have searched Google and possibly your theme support forum before asking anything obvious here.  Have fun!

BackupBuddy vs. VaultPress

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Usually, I’d say do your own research or trust a 3rd party before trusting a source…but in this case, BackupBuddy wins with an excellent comparison of the two services: BackupBuddy & VaultPress Comparison Chart.

Backup WordPress Easily

Go buy Backup Buddy now! Your future self thanks you.

New WordPress Features

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WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” has been released as of a few days ago. While I won’t go into details since you can read them all here. I did want to mention something I get asked about often; “What’s coming in the NEXT WordPress release?”. Due to the open source nature of WordPress, there is a public WordPress roadmap of the planned features for coming versions you can read by clicking that link. 

Always remember to backup your site/content before doing any major/minor update to WordPress.  This means running WP-DB-Backup plugin BEFORE you update.  A great tool is Backup Buddy.  You spend hours and hours of time pouring into your site…why not pay for a little insurance and sleep safe and sound at night?   I’ve had several users lose their content forever b/c a plugin crashed and corrupted their database.  Losing thousands of comments and hundreds of posts in an instant is a sickening feeling.  Save yourself by purchasing this plugin.





StudioPress theme sale!!

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Ramping up for Cyber Monday, StudioPress is having a huge sale!  Trust me, these guys are awesome and their Themes (such as Genesis) are used by the biggest names in the blogging industry.  Check em out!


Genesis Framework for WordPress Pretty Darn Cute - Modern WordPress Themes for the Feminine Blogger


Using the code THANKS at checkout (don’t forget that), you can save 25% off of anything you’d like at WordPress design shop, StudioPress.

1. Get the Genesis Framework for only $45.

2. Snag most Genesis / design combos for a song and save close to $20.

3. Wipe the entire shop clean and get the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package. Get Genesis plus every design they’ve made, plus every design they make in the future, and save more than $74 off the regular price and over $875 off the retail price — and that’s just the existing 43 designs!

All you need to do is use the code THANKS when you check out and you’ll save 25% on anything and everything at

This deal ends promptly at 7:00 pm Pacific time on Monday, November 28, 2011. Hurry up and claim your new WordPress theme before the code expires!

Top 10 MUST HAVE WordPress Plugins

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Below are a few of my favorite plugins I invariably use almost every site transfer.

  1. Akamai – By far the best spam blocking plugin out there.  You can get it for free on your personal blog, but throw them a few bucks at least for their hard work.
  2. Digg Digg – A cool social plugin that is clean and easy to integrate
  3. WP-DB-Backup – Backup your site automatically on a weekly schedule with this plugin. Always be ready for that asteroid
  4. WPTouch – This adds a sleek/stylish mobile (iOS) looking view to your site when mobile viewers hit your site
  5. Theme Test Drive – If you’ve ever wanted to test a new theme out or setup a new theme without screwing up your current users, this plugin is for you
  6. WP sIFR – Use any font anywhere on your site.  The load time is a little slow, but worth it if you’re going for a certain look with your fonts
  7. Permalink Finder Plugin – An excellent tool for anyone who has recently converted to blogger and may have some strange permalinks that need auto-redirecting to the new wordpress structure to find the post
  8. Search Regex – Allows users to search and replace the entire database or use regular expressions to search on
  9. Broken Link Checker – Monitors your site and warns the admin of any broken links that may occur
  10. Levels2Categories – Great for multi-user setup by site admin to allow only users with a defined level to be able to post on a chosen category


Running a Plain Jane Giveaway

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I’ve been lazy lately and it’s been hotter than two hamsters farting into a wool sock outside this past summer.  Living near the equator has it’s up sides, but summer isn’t one of them.  So I’m asking you to help get me motivated!

I’m going to run a giveaway (pun?) that is very simple.  Whoever gets the most miles in 30 days, wins.   Please connect with me using runkeeper: or using Nike+.  You can download the runkeeper or Nike+ app with your smartphone (iPhone, Android, WiMo) or manually track your miles through the web-app (be an honest duck).

The race will begin tracking miles ran from the stroke of dawn on Saturday Sept 17th – midnight October 16th.

The winner will get the Plain Jane Package!  The winner should be fairly obvious, but I will announce it the next day.

If you are already on WP, then you can do a giveaway of the Plain Jane package ( if you are the winner.

As always, you can find me on twitter @Japster24 or @japsterinc .  On your mark, get set…

WordPress Help Forum – & Free Tutorials!

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I’m working on getting a forum going for customers and WordPress enthusiast alike. I’ll list FAQ’s, Plugins, some theme help, and answer questions asked there.

In the near future, I will be changing the packages up a little. The Nervous Nelly is going away. The pricing for the other two will go up slightly. I’m also starting some support packages that can be purchased by events (my blog crashed, my sidebar stopped working, etc.) or in monthly installments to have me at your beckoning call. I’ll have a discount for customers who recommend my services and have my badge in their site. I’ll throw those badges out there on a Media page.

In addition, I’m going to put up some free tutorials. I’ll have a place for you guys to request topics as well.

Huge thanks to all my supporters. Keep on blogging!

Too many cookies, not enough jars…

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So your site is behind schedule ay? What’s that, you’re waiting on me? Oh you’re too kind.

I’m all over the place right now and have you to thank for that!  I love twitter and my friends I’ve made who are spreading the word about me. I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of work coming through the door and simply trying to keep up with my list for new customers is a task I need a third party for. Have no fear, as I’m working on a business plan to invoke order and bring some new things to Japster, Inc. I know everyone will like.  Maybe one day I can amount the marketing speculation of Steve Jobs little corporation before announcing their new product line. Until then, you’ll just have to wonder what’s around the corner and flip a quarter.

Thank you all for being awesome and patient customers! New things coming soon.

Prices and Decisions

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You’re in the local convenient store and just want to grab a bottled water. You look at the 30 choices you have and try best to make a quick decision. If you’ve purchased water recently, you probably just stick to the same brand you always get as long as the price doesn’t strike you as abnormally (price of water at sporting events) high. If you don’t know which one to get, most likely you’ll take the one that is the most expensive in the “class” of water your looking for.  If you see one for 89 cents that says “Water” and one that appears to have a french name, be in a different shaped bottle, and claims to be cleaned by God himself and only 5 cents more, then you buy that one.  Is there really anything different…well no. It’s water people.

Often the same goes for website designs. There are probably millions of people out there who can design your site. Some are more knowledgeable than others. Some charge less, some speak your language, some have quicker turn around times, some freelance, some work for large corporations, so do it on the side and some don’t know anything at all.

My prices are cheap.  I sometimes liken to a guy on The Price Is Right who has just bid $1, and then the person beside him bids $2.  Some people like the feeling of paying more b/c they feel as if they are getting something ‘better’.  My warning is simply this…sometimes, it’s not true.

Check sources, know the persons background, see how well they interact and how much they are willing to help you after everything is set up. Will they nickel and dime you away or work with you on smaller changes after you’re set up.

Because sometimes the cheapest water is just as fresh or better than your Acqua Di Cristallo.

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