Prices and Decisions

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You’re in the local convenient store and just want to grab a bottled water. You look at the 30 choices you have and try best to make a quick decision. If you’ve purchased water recently, you probably just stick to the same brand you always get as long as the price doesn’t strike you as abnormally (price of water at sporting events) high. If you don’t know which one to get, most likely you’ll take the one that is the most expensive in the “class” of water your looking for.  If you see one for 89 cents that says “Water” and one that appears to have a french name, be in a different shaped bottle, and claims to be cleaned by God himself and only 5 cents more, then you buy that one.  Is there really anything different…well no. It’s water people.

Often the same goes for website designs. There are probably millions of people out there who can design your site. Some are more knowledgeable than others. Some charge less, some speak your language, some have quicker turn around times, some freelance, some work for large corporations, so do it on the side and some don’t know anything at all.

My prices are cheap.  I sometimes liken to a guy on The Price Is Right who has just bid $1, and then the person beside him bids $2.  Some people like the feeling of paying more b/c they feel as if they are getting something ‘better’.  My warning is simply this…sometimes, it’s not true.

Check sources, know the persons background, see how well they interact and how much they are willing to help you after everything is set up. Will they nickel and dime you away or work with you on smaller changes after you’re set up.

Because sometimes the cheapest water is just as fresh or better than your Acqua Di Cristallo.

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