Japster, Inc: A one man show (with a supportive wife on the left in the image) addicted to technology and out to convert the world to WordPress. My major in college was Aerospace Engineering and I have a minor in IT and Math.  Growing up I was really into lego’s and video games; who am I kidding, I still am into those things.  If you mesh all of that together and turn the crank, you’ll find me happily sitting on the other end of a keyboard helping you with your wordpress site.

I often work with other header/button designers as I’m a coder, not a graphic design artist. My wife does some graphic design using GIMP & sometimes Photoshop.

I enjoy getting to know my customers and work with them until they are happy. Feel free to hit up my portfolio and ask any of my customers about me!

Q: What’s the turn around time?
A: I book on a first come first serve basis. Please ask.

Q: I want a totally tricked out wordpress blog with lots and lots of customization. Do you do that?
A: Unfortunalty, I currently don’t have the time to do lots of customization. We keep the prices low by keeping it simple. However, please contact me to quantify the term ‘lots’ and see if we can work something out.

Q: I’m interested, how do we do this?
A: Follow the steps below:
1) Go to the Services Page and purchase the package you want via Paypal. If you don’t see what you want, please use the  Contact Page and shoot me a message with details.
2) I’ll email you back within 24 hrs and give you a date for when the project will be started.
3) If you don’t already have a website/domain name, I’ll work with you to get that purchased right away.

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